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2022 Meeting Handouts

Remember to print out your handouts!

Keynote K1 - Topic: Self-Care and Stress Management Strategies for Healthcare Professionals

Presented by: Andie Doyon and Anna Nyguyen

Session S1 - Topic: Lab Safety during the Pandemic

Presented by: Linda Gylland MLS (ASCP)cm QLSc

Keynote K2 - Topic: Heroes in Lab coats: What’s Next?

Presented by: Cindy Johnson, Laboratory Director, CentraCare Health System

Session S5 - Topic: Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

Presented by: Mary Coleman MS, MLS (ASCP)cm, Assistant Professor, UND

Session S6 - Topic: “And Now We Know” Lessons from Establishing North Dakota’s First Cellular Therapy Lab

Presented by: Dr. Nicholas Gau, Pathologist, Sanford Health

Session S7 - Topic: Clinical Utility of Multiplex Assays: Pros and Cons

Presented by: Dr. Avish Nagpal, Infectious Disease Specialist, Sanford Health

Session S10 - Topic: The World of Veterinary Microbiology

Presented by: Sarah Gefroh MLS (ASCP)cm, Diagnostic Microbiologist, NDSU

Session S11 - Topic: Pharmacogenomic Testing

Presented by: Natasha Petry, PharmD, BCACP, Assistant Professor of Practice, NDSU

Session S12 - Topic: Chemistry Topics

Presented by: Dr. Kristin Luckenbill pHD, JD, D(ABCC), Clinical Chemist, Sanford Health

Session S13 - Topic: Donor Unit Availability for Patients with Multiple Antibodies

Presented by: Dr. Abdallah Rim, Medical Director, Vitalant

          Part I

          Part II

Session S14 - Topic: North Dakota Public Health Laboratory: Navigating the Pandemic

Presented by: Lisa Well, Director of General Microbiology, ND Dept of Health

Session S15 - Topic: Abnormal Coagulation Results: Real or Fake??

Presented By: Sue Hollister MS, MLS (ASCP)cm, Sanford Health

Keynote K3 - Topic: The Challenges of COVID-19 Diagnostics: A Target for Misinformation

Presented By: Dr. Paul Carson, Infectious Disease Specialist